Mobile onsite welding services in London and Cambridgeshire

Onsite Welder CSCS card

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Construction onsite
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Method Statement
supplied onsite.

Deon van Rooyen

Qualified welder training through City & Guilds welding training

Award in Welding Skills
Qualified Welder

IPAF powered access licence

Powered Access License

Types: 3a 3b
(Cherry picker operator license)


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Onsite mobile welder, London, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas

Metal/Steel repairs, modifications, alterations, construction, fabrication, installations....
Specialising in aluminium, stainless steel and wrought iron repairs/fabrication in
Luton, Huntingdon, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Stevenage, Bishop's Stortford, Harlow, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia. 

Aluminium Welder London         Steel Fabrication and Installations
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34+ years of welding, engineering and
construction experience
I'll solve all your welding problems for you
Experienced, proficient,
onsite mobile welder


Deon van Rooyen

Mobile onsite welder - we come to you

Mobile: 07745775212
Tel: 0333 666 3213


I very seldom go out to a client to look at their welding requirements.
My motto is, "nothing is a problem"

Onsite mobile welder London and Cambridgeshire Mobile onsite welding services London and Cambridgeshire

Above shows us installing one of 3 support beams weighing 6 tons each, 11 meters long, while supporting a block of flats above. This was a project to convert two adjoining shops into one large area for a new CostCutter outlet in Staines, London, by removing the middle wall.
I was site manager and welder for this particular project.

Onsite mobile welder, London, Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas

I offer a mobile on-site welding services. Steel fabrication and installations in Cambridgeshire, London and surrounding areas. I have worked as a sub contractor for numerous construction companies in and around London and Cambridgeshire areas including Durkan Construction.

Experienced, proficient on site mobile welder. I have over 34 years of welding experience (I started back in 1972 at technical college learning the basics of arc welding) working on construction sites erecting/welding steel structures, to basic welding work. I have all the latest inverter technology welding equipment from MIG and TIG welders to arc/stick welder (dual voltage 110 - 240 volt machines to comply with health and safety regulations on building sites) to oxy acetylene cutting torch. I also have a current IPAF or PAL - Powered Access License. Types; 3a 3b. (Cherry picker operator license.) I have full public liability insurance cover. See proof and details of cover below. I am based in Cambridge but periodically work in London and other surrounding areas within a 55 mile radius from Cambridge.


48+ years of welding experience
Reliable and friendly, mobile onsite welding services
in Cambridgeshire and London areas

I cover a wide range in my mobile on-site welding services in areas such as Cambridgeshire to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and in towns/cities such as Cambridge to Huntingdon, Royston, Bury St Edmunds, Bedford, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, St Noets, St Ives, Stevenage, St Albans, Luton, London, South London, Staines, Ipswich, Norwich and numerous others not mentioned.

MIG, TIG and Arc welding, Stick welding -
mobile on site welder service

Oxy acetylene cutting services in Cambridge

Contact Deon van Rooyen:
                                 Tel:  0333 666 3213 (Standard landline rates)
07745 775 212

Prompt, Accurate, Affordable & Friendly Welding Service

Operating in Cambridgeshire, London, plus outlying areas

Onsite Welding Insurance - Builder Public Liability Insurance

Simply Business - Builder Public Liability Insurance.
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Public Liability : £2,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

Insurance cover under -
Ingwe Solutions Ltd.

We have full public liability insurance cover

The importance of using a company with the correct insurance cover

I have worked closely with Durkan Construction site managers on various construction sites in and around London solving a wide range of problems. Because of my extensive engineering background over the years I apply my experience in the construction industry to solve various problems.

All forms of metal work, welding and engineering undertaken

Welded, Fabricated and installation of galvanized security screen panels

  • Mobile On-site Welding Services

  • Metal Fabrication and Installations

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication and Installation

  • Aluminium Fabrication and Installation

  • Aluminium Welding

  • Stainless steel welding

  • Mig and Tig welding Specialists

  • IPAF or PAL - Powered Access License. Types; 3a 3b
    Commonly called - Cherry picker operator license

  • Mobile on site welder

  • Oxy acetylene cutting facilities

Our company is based in Cambridge but the majority of our work is undertaken in and around London
I have been working as subcontractors for Durkan Construction in London since 2007

Ingwe Solutions Ltd has been trading since 2005.
Deon van Rooyen, director of the company, has been involved in the construction and engineering industry since 1979 offering a wide range of Construction & Engineering Solutions - Welding experience since 1972. Stainless steel, aluminium & general welding.

Welding Fabrication and Installation of Cat Ladders built to BS specifications

Fabrication and Installation of Cat Ladders
built to BS specific specifications


Welding, Fabrication and installation of Galvanized entrance gates

Fabrication and Installation of
Galvanized entrance gates


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Any questions or comments? Get in touch with me:

I will come out to see you if required.
I am based South West of Cambridge,
but I frequently travel through to London.

Deon van Rooyen

                                                        Tel: 0333 666 3213
(Standard landline rates)
Mobile: 07745 775 212
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Ingwe Solutions Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales
  46High St, Toft, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,
CB23 2RL
East Anglia, United Kingdom, UK
Company no: 5427563

Mobile onsite welder in Cambridgeshire and London

Mobile Onsite welding services welding aluminium, stainless steel.....all metal welding services

Mobile onsite welding. Vertical up welding using a triangle-Christmas tree technique
This is an example of a vertical up MIG weld using a triangle - Christmas tree technique.

By Deon van Rooyen
Mobile onsite welder, welding aluminium, stainless steel,....all metals
34+ years of welding experience

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