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88% of people use Google Maps to find businesses in their local area.

Guaranteed first page.
Guaranteed because, we don't charge you at all, until your business appears on first page Google Maps

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Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO for only £38pm. Only payable once your business appears on the first pages of Google Places/Maps, and once we show you statistics of traffic and search phrases used to find your business.

Included are monthly reports, giving you detailed feed-back on your Google Local Maps SEO traffic statistics

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Apply for a free, no obligation Google Local Maps optimisation assessment to secure your business on first page Google Local Maps.

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We have customers on Google Local Maps in Cambridge (Cambs), Cambridgeshire, East Anglia UK, London and Cape Town - South Africa, including Johannesburg.

We secure businesses
on first page Google Local Maps
anywhere in the world

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How to hyperlink a word or phrase

Follow the instructions below to see how to link any word or phrase

Remember you can use your imagination and hyper-link any phrase or word
 including an image

This web page forms part of our "First Page Google Training Course" - Find out more

The screen-shots shown below are from our DesignOwnWeb.com web design software
You will find the examples shown below will be almost the same as Microsoft Word as well as other similar programs.

Adding a Link

To create a link on your web page or e-mail, hyperlink or hoplink as it is also called, to another page in your own website or to another website, just type out the web address in full. 
Then click on the space bar on your key board to activate the link. 
The address will then automatically turn into a link.


Alternatively, if you would like to have the text you click on to
be different from the link address, you can do the following. 
Type the text you want to turn into a link. Highlight the text and
click the 'link' icon in the toolbar as sown below:
The toolbar shown below is what you will see when using our
www.DesignOwnWeb.com web design software


A dialog box that looks something like this will appear:

Enter the web address of the web page you want to link to
in the 'URL' field. In this example, we decided to add a link
to Yahoo. Remember to include the 'http://' at the beginning
of the web address. 
After you are done, click the 'OK' button.

Job done. That's how easy it is.


Below are some examples of
Linking or Hyperlinking
Including the images

Get Your Business Website On
First Page Google
Yahoo, Bing (MSN) &
Other Major Search Engines
Which Means, Floods Of Traffic
To Your Website

How to get your website on First Page Google


Free Web Design Software
As-Easy-As using Microsoft Word


Local Google Maps Seo Services in Cambridge UK

Web Rank Solutions is a company specialising in Google Local Maps Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),
as-well-as organic/natural SEO consultancy.

Web Rank Positioning is vital for any business wanting to succeed in today's tough economy. Bringing an awareness of your company to the general public and getting known for the services your business has to offer.

By using search phrases related to your industry we can help you achieve one of the top 7 sought-after places.

Contact us to get your business in your Google local maps

Using our knowledge of search engine optimisation, our Google Local Maps SEO services included monthly reports showing traffic trends and a list of search phrases used to find your business.

Optimising businesses in their city,
in all countries around the world
We are helping people all over the world to secure their business websites on first page Google

Detailed monthly reports giving you the exact
statistics of traffic figures and what phrase were
used to find
your business, plus the number of hits
for each phrase.

Web Rank Positioning is vital for any business wanting to succeed in today's tough economy. Bringing an awareness of your company to the general public and getting known for the services your business has to offer.

SEO Services in Cambridge UK. Search Engine Optimisation

Above is a screen-shot of what a search page looks like. There are only 7 Google Map positions available on the first page.
This is where we will help secure your business on this first page for you, based on search phrases related to your business.
Using our knowledge of search engine optimisation, our SEO services included
monthly reports showing traffic trends and a list of search phrases used to find your business.

Positioning your website where people can find you is absolutely vital. Keeping it there is just as vital. That's where we will help you succeed. Contact us today to get started and your business will be on the first page of Google Maps within approximately 60 days. (We strive for 2 - 4 weeks, but this is not always possible)

What is Google +1

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